HRe: Badgery

I won a badge for starting something on Pluralsight. If I won a badge every time I started something, well… I could start an online badge shop. I could make entire outfits out of badges. I could decorate my office walls with mementos of all the things I decided to begin. Each of these endeavours would score me another badge. I’d be off to the races.

And hey, I love a good badge. I might hang them on a virtual wall here somewhere, if I accumulate enough.

Re: Drafting Things

[unrelated to the racing tactic, which I only know whatever Mario Kart has taught me]

Drafting words is like sketching pictures; you get your clean medium ready, then you start messing it up with symbols. Maybe the medium becomes more interesting than it was back when it was still empty, and full of limitless potential. Have I followed the potential, or simply scribbled all over it?

Does a toddler ask themselves this question after having fun smearing paint all over something? What’s good enough for the creative toddler is good enough for me, despite the whiskers.

I often read and hear that one should do one’s thing on a regular schedule, if one wants to get better at that particular thing. Practice makes perfect, and so on.

There are days when I have Nothing To Say, but a Nagging Desire to Say Nothing Anyway. I need a category for this, so that these moments may live forever, categorized as:

TL;DR: I have nothing to say. That’s all I had to say, today.

This makes me think harder about categorizing My Things.

Let’s see what we’ve created together so far:

  • Something about Missing Cats, and their relationship to practicing Faith
  • Something about writing, walking, and mixed metaphors
  • Something about emerging technology
  • This, whatever it is becoming

This is currently what I imagine also writing about here:

  • Something about finding mentors everywhere. (featuring TwoSetViolin)
  • Politics and current events (sans Trump)
  • Bold-Faced Opinions
  • Other

I believe these are good Categories, to start:

  • Faith
  • Evolution
  • Technology
  • Mentorship
  • Sketching
  • Opinion
  • Etc.


Re: Writing for a Living

There. I said it.

I have been and continue to be a professional software developer, but my dream is to express myself openly and creatively, in order to pay the bills. Why do the same thing your entire life?

This dream involves having some plan, where I can conceive of trading words for financial tokens. I don’t yet have such a plan, but I suppose that’s a thing I could attempt to fix.

While I’m at it, I want to create some kind of brand. I don’t really know what that means. Do I need one of those?

Many mornings, I start the day by waking up, rolling around for a while in protest of the waking, and then finally getting up to do bathroom things and putting clothes on myself. This is Phase 1 of the New Day, most days.

Phase 2 most often involves leaving the house, and going for a walk, so that I can collect my thoughts, before “going to work”. The walk I often take brings me up a hill and back down again.

This journey is an metaphor for any given day, or week, or year, or project – forward progress does not get made at a constant rate, but instead at a rate according to the weight one carries, and the inclines and terrain features one encounters.

I carry a backpack most places I go, when I’m not in the house. My laptop and assorted things take up a good portion of the backpack’s space – the rest is extra clothes, towels, and random things I might need. It’s usually pretty full, and I enjoy the extra weight on my back as I move.

You pack things with you on all sorts of journeys – concerns of the day, responsibilities, mental or physical health issues, TODOs… that’s your weight.

You encounter challenges and tasks of all different levels throughout your journey… sometimes the challenges are easy (flat ground, downhill), and sometimes they’re harder (uphill in the heat of a Summer day)… that’s your route.

This morning walk reminds me that life is a journey – that’s why I choose that route over the easier, quicker one. My body enjoys the challenge, as well as the scenery. I pick my route, for the challenge as well as the scenery. I don’t like starting the day’s Phase 3 (work) until I’ve had a chance to walk that reminder.

Can a person pick their weight and their route in life? Through a single day, a week, a year or more?

I have too many things to say and a great many more to hear.

I think the learning and the progress happens in those transitions between.

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins” is apparently the Hello, World of the WordPress domain.

It’s short and to the point. Is this thing on? Will I be able to make it go?

And now it’s going.

Dear Mrs. Butterwell,

I found four boxes of letters and sketches in Bent’s old shed. Didn’t want to pry, but I think they belong to you and your family. What should I do with them? I can put them on Sig’s truck next time they’re around. Just let know, via the Crow.

One of the boxes had a note attached. It reminds me of the short poems you used to pass to me when you should have been doing your maths. You always got me in trouble with those. You know that’s all forgiven now. I just like to bring it up.

Again and again, we begin from within the spot we’ve found ourselves as already in.