Hello, It’s Saturday Again

I am falling down at keeping up. So many things. Poor Me.

This won’t be a whiny post, I promise.

Somedays I want to be a blogger, other days, not so much [That was just extra information, and not whining].

Here’s some good news: My Mom (or Mum, depending on the day), is doing well. But now there are stents in her heart.

My Mum is a cyborg, or sorts. But a living, breathing one. I am breathing a bit easier myself, because so is she.

Someday maybe I too will have stents in my things. Maybe a port or two in my aft what-nots. A thumb drive embedded in my thumb. A hearing aid. A thinking aid.

Thinking Aid

I gamified my work life recently. I took some part of the Pomodoro Technique and added wooden cubes and stickers and some rules, and then a solemn promise to abide by those. A game is nothing if one does not agree to follow the rules.

My last two workweeks have consisted of an effort to fill a glass jar with wooden cubes. The cubes mean something: bits of unadulterated attention directed toward my work. The jar means something: my intentions for the week, with regards to attending to my attention to work, via the cubes. There are stickers involved too, though those shown in the photo are merely for decoration.

Oddly, this low-tech “app” has done quite a bit to help my focus, and by extension, my work productivity. Humans are simple creatures in some ways.

I am still experimenting in ways to unlock my superpowers.

I hope your weekend is a good and safe one.

Carry on with your things.

Here’s to our future!

2 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Saturday Again

    1. Thanks Hetty! It was a relief, and yes the little cube thing is helping me focus! It’s kind of fun to reach into Darth Vader’s head (I draw the cubes as I earn them from a Darth Vader mug), to see what sort of thing happened. The colours have meanings in the game. I’m still designing and tinkering.


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