Random Reporting from the Field of Possibility

I went to return a library book, and ended up finding some news.

It’s actually easy to Find News, if you bother to look – and if you consider anything that’s news to your own self to be news at all.

Inspiring Shed of Mystery – found @ Fredericton, New Brunswick

I did not know about the recent murder of a school teacher in France, until I I drove by a crowd of people assembled in front of my hometown’s town hall this morning. I noticed they had signs – one of them read, Islam loves Jesus.

Who could not wonder at least a little bit what that was about? So when my errand was complete, I went back to ask. The crowd had mostly dispersed by then, except for a few families. I spoke to four of the men there; we talked about peace and about getting along. We smiled through our masks as we spoke each other’s names. I received a bookmark from one of the men, with the words:

I was sent to perfect good character
Prophet Mohammed

I cannot think for one moment that the Author ever meant to condone violence, or the racism and bigotry that such an act seems destined to fuel. I feel he meant to argue for the opposite of those things.

Nobody in that, my hometown crowd, seemed to want anything but to remind their neighbours that the greater number of us are on the same page. We want our children to be safe, and our lives to have a meaning far, far above politics and division.

My one errand became two, and then three. There is good news in the world, I’m writing to remind you, and it has a far stronger character than the bad.

Have a happy and safe Halloween ❤

5 thoughts on “Random Reporting from the Field of Possibility

  1. Oh, dear Mike, you and your lovable optimism and positivity. However, Muhammad did not perfect human character. He was a warlord who married a six-year-old girl. This is no reflection on the peaceful Muslims that you encountered. I am sure they love their God and hate terrorism as much as we do. It’s just important to differentiate between the religion itself and its adherents. The Jesus they love is not the same Jesus as Christians believe in. The Jesus we Christians believe in is pure perfection of character. I am certain the Muslims you met love Jesus as a prophet and mean no ill will.

    I these religions comparatively so I have a sort of personal interest in it. I firmly believe in not judging adherents by anything bad in their religion that they probably don’t even know about. The sort of dialogue you engaged in is very important. But we do need to be aware of certain theological differences among the teachings of different religions.

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    1. As I wrote that article, I was aware I was possibly glossing over some history. I believe that’s a requirement for following any spiritual path: the retelling of better stories.

      As a Christian, I take it on faith that the stories told of Jesus were true, but in truth, I can’t know, so I choose to believe in the man from the stories, rather than worry I have no proof that they were any more than that.

      As for the prophets of other religions, I look for the stories in the spirits of the people who follow his teachings, when we meet. What is in the past is in the past – if the message is peace, that’s the story that finds its way in and then hopefully continues forward.

      Thank you for pointing out my misunderstandings – I carry a number of them around with me every day 🙂

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      1. Oh I’m not here to point out people’s misunderstandings. My personal view is that if God exists, then we owe it to ourselves and God to keep searching deeper and higher for the Truth. This includes finding out that stories might just be, well, stories. Truth withstands ruthless questioning and testing. In my opinion, Islam does not hold up, but Christianity does. Again, this is not to inpugn Muslims at all. I just really think they do not know the truth about Muhammad. People are horrified at the beheading of the teacher over the cartoon. But here’s the thing–in his own day, a poet made fun of Muhammad and he had her killed. So there’s a precedent for it. Again and again, I do not believe the average muslim knows that story, and they don’t deserve to be bothered for it. But the sources are there–Islam’s own treasured sources, not Western scholars’. It’s all about digging and questioning and testing. The truth about Jesus, I assure you, is far more beautiful than the well-known stories of him even let on. Keep seeking the divine goodness and you will find it. It’s more than a story, I promise.

        Anyway when’s the next podcast 😛

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      2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I wish I had all the time in the world to read about everything … even a tenth of everything would be nice haha. I would also enjoy experiencing what it’s like to be a fast reader, or have a good memory, but those things elude me too. I just plod through the books that I can and fill the rest in with opinion.

        Next podcast! Ha, who knows! I started recording one this morning but I started talking about elections and then thought better of it. I don’t think what I’ve been doing should be called a podcast anyway… I think they are probably just audio journals. I would like to make one more and then switch formats to something shorter, maybe. I also have a friend who’s agreed to be my first interviewee 😀 That might be fun. I’d like to get a real mic, maybe.

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      3. I retain virtually nothing. Kinda depressing, especially considering all the stuff I’ve lost. But I stopped getting upset. I just keep reading and hoping it’ll be stored somewhere safely for the future. The religious stuff happens to be my jam.

        It’ll be cool to hear what you come up with next. Ask your friend some hard questions 😡😉

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