Overwhelmed by the New of It All

This is a short report.

In case you have been wondering, there are more new things in the world today than there were yesterday. I think the rate of new things per day is increasing, but I can no longer detect the edges of anything, so I can’t be sure through direct, empirical observation.

I have a lot of work to do, and although I love that work, I can’t help but feel that I would be of greater value still to everybody and everything if I were to just go back to school for four-or-more years, to learn all the things I want to, and think that I might need to.

Except, the world would have moved on anyway while I was in class. The busses have left the station: I will not be a master 3D modeller / animator in my lifetime. I will not be sagely informed about machine learning and tensors and such (whatever a Tensor is). I will never be an accomplished musician.

I will never be an expert at anything.

This is going to have to be ok. There’s something perfectly double-edged about having so much to choose from in Life, that one can never expect to have it all (or even know what it all means). This is one of countless aspects of living in a full-spectrum environment that we are simply here to experience and accept.

Humility and pragmatism probably play a part in surviving the modern world, but I need to do some more research on that before making any rash decisions about being more humble, or pragmatic.

I’m late for something.

To Continue…

3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by the New of It All

  1. I’ve been thinking about this ever since our correspondence on the topic earlier. We talked about how fast technology is changing in relation to program development and related tools. I keep coming back to the fact that the one thing that hasn’t changed is English (or language of choice). I don’t mean people aren’t redefining words to suit their political agendas (ex., “privilege”), or that people aren’t butchering the language to the point where words have lost their meaning (ex., “random”), but that the basic structure has remained, and it is as difficult or easy as ever to make an argument, or write a story.

    Some might quibble with me over the details, but your post is using the same essential language and grammar that could have been used before you were born. And in that sense, in our lifetimes, nothing much has changed. Someone who mastered the English language several decades ago, could easily keep up with any meaningful changes to it.

    Just a thought.

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    1. Yes that is true, thankfully. Can you imagine how impossible it would be to build your knowledge upon the knowledge of past generations if you could only go back one or two before it became quickly incomprehensible! As a tool, language must require certain properties, one of which would be a degree of stability over time. I wonder if this property was particularly selected for once we started writing things down…

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