HRe: Podcast Ep 3

More opinions about things like Religion and Technology

Bad Sound From a Borrowed Truck
Ep 03 : Religion, Privilege, and other Tools

Title music:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

6 thoughts on “HRe: Podcast Ep 3

  1. Is it not working, or do you just mean that it’s rather dull? I am working mostly with free things in the $4/month tier. I might also be not understanding how to make the player look or behave differently (if I have that power)

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    1. It doesn’t have the time on it and it disappears every time I touch my phone the wrong way. 😖 I don’t know who designed it.

      Anyway, I liked what you said about tools. I never would have thought to connect the idea with organized religion. You seem to be earnestly searching for the meanings to be found in life, and I think it’s good you’re open to learning and exploring. I think sometimes people hit an age where they stop exploring. I’m a bit like that. Maybe that can change.

      What I would say to try differently–maybe just a wee bit more structure. But still stay loose bc that’s part of the charm.

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      1. Ah I see, the player does have time when viewed on the laptop, that’s unfortunate it is half-baked on mobile :/ I will at some point attempt to find a different one, or something.

        A wee bit more structure would be nice, indeed! Thank you for that feedback. The next few podcasts unfortunately don’t have much more format – just more of the same 🙂

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