HRe: Podcast Ep 2

I found some files on a usb stick, which I found among some clutter, which was located in a room.

Among the files were some of the audio variety. These involve a man talking to himself in a truck.

Bad Sound From a Borrowed Truck
Ep 02 : Faith, Serendipity, Atheism, and Ikigai


Title music:
Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod

3 thoughts on “HRe: Podcast Ep 2

  1. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it. I agree with you about the existence of God–there’s got to be some reason for the never-ending quest for finding out. Atheists like to make fun of believers about serendipity–oh look I found my keys!–but it’s waay deeper than that. There are threads that might come together that take years before they are joined.

    I too am at the point where I don’t defend it too much; I feel like no one will change their mind anyway or accept an argument in favor of God if they’ve already made up their mind. Plus I am Catholic, and when you say that C word some people go nuts as though I personally molested children and my religion teaches me to. Such people aren’t interested in finding out what’s it about. I don’t mind sincere questions but some people just want to fight.

    Anyway looking forward to further podcasts.

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  2. Thanks Hetty. I agree, fighting “the other” is a hard habit to break. I do it myself, but in different ways.

    For instance, I tend to make assumptions about The Rich – as though every successful business person has by definition sacrificed some of their humanity in order to get there. There are biblical injunctions of course against greed and pride and all of that, but a person can act out those sins regardless of the scale.

    Painting different people with the same brush is one of those things we must come here to learn how to quit doing. Or maybe we entirely learn how to do it while here. There is no guarantee a person will become better over time, but it does feel nice to recognize that responsibility in oneself – it gives you an infinite number of worthwhile projects! Who could get bored? 🙂

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