HRe: Podcast Ep 1

I found some files on a usb stick, which I found among some clutter, which was located in a room.

Among the files were some of the audio variety. These involve a man talking to himself in a truck.

Bad Sound From a Borrowed Truck
Ep 01 : Hello, World! What Am I Doing Here?

The Wimsel Loop :

The Wimsel Loop Instangram :

3 thoughts on “HRe: Podcast Ep 1

    1. Yes I made about six or seven, I just don’t remember how many I ended up posting 🙂 I realized it belonged on a different blog so that’s partially what led to creating another. At some point I want to tidy up the other and just put fiction there.

      I was thinking of posting the other “podcasts” once or twice a week until I get caught up with them. I have a friend who is trying a podcast and I thought it might be fun to try doing more, with actual people instead of just me talking at a mic. Still, it was fun to do!

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