Re: Drafting Things

[unrelated to the racing tactic, which I only know whatever Mario Kart has taught me]

Drafting words is like sketching pictures; you get your clean medium ready, then you start messing it up with symbols. Maybe the medium becomes more interesting than it was back when it was still empty, and full of limitless potential. Have I followed the potential, or simply scribbled all over it?

Does a toddler ask themselves this question after having fun smearing paint all over something? What’s good enough for the creative toddler is good enough for me, despite the whiskers.

I often read and hear that one should do one’s thing on a regular schedule, if one wants to get better at that particular thing. Practice makes perfect, and so on.

There are days when I have Nothing To Say, but a Nagging Desire to Say Nothing Anyway. I need a category for this, so that these moments may live forever, categorized as:

TL;DR: I have nothing to say. That’s all I had to say, today.

This makes me think harder about categorizing My Things.

Let’s see what we’ve created together so far:

  • Something about Missing Cats, and their relationship to practicing Faith
  • Something about writing, walking, and mixed metaphors
  • Something about emerging technology
  • This, whatever it is becoming

This is currently what I imagine also writing about here:

  • Something about finding mentors everywhere. (featuring TwoSetViolin)
  • Politics and current events (sans Trump)
  • Bold-Faced Opinions
  • Other

I believe these are good Categories, to start:

  • Faith
  • Evolution
  • Technology
  • Mentorship
  • Sketching
  • Opinion
  • Etc.


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