Odd, Begin

The Journey Begins” is apparently the Hello, World of the WordPress domain.

It’s short and to the point. Is this thing on? Will I be able to make it go?

And now it’s going.

Dear Mrs. Butterwell,

I found four boxes of letters and sketches in Bent’s old shed. Didn’t want to pry, but I think they belong to you and your family. What should I do with them? I can put them on Sig’s truck next time they’re around. Just let know, via the Crow.

One of the boxes had a note attached. It reminds me of the short poems you used to pass to me when you should have been doing your maths. You always got me in trouble with those. You know that’s all forgiven now. I just like to bring it up.

Again and again, we begin from within the spot we’ve found ourselves as already in.


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